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7 Unhealthy Relationship Myths Busted

Relationship myths are without a doubt the root of many problems that couples face. It could be anything from old-timers like ‘The One’ to newbies like ‘micro-cheating is ok.’ These misguided beliefs are all around us from the magazines we read and the movies we watch to ‘advice’ from self-proclaimed relationship experts (relatives).

If you truly want your relationship to stand a fighting chance, one thing you need to do is to stop believing these myths. They set impossible standards and will have you disregarding something that is already special as you look for the perfect match.

Here are 7 of the most common myths you should stop believing in.

‘The One.’

This myth is the oldest one in the book. Believing in The One will narrow your perspective and appreciation of all the great catches there are out there. It will also sometimes force you to settle for less than you deserve because you believe it is ‘meant to be.’

Either way, you lose so remember the bottom line; there is no such thing as The One. You can make it work with anyone if you are willing to put in some effort.

Your money is our money; my money is my money

Finances can be a tricky topic to deal with in relationships especially if you live together. Society has taught us that the man should be the provider and there is truly nothing wrong with that. However, if you claim to want a 50-50 partnership, this is one myth you need to let go of.

You need to spend all your time together

Too much of something can be annoying; even if you love it (him/her). Remember that being in a relationship should never mean that you let go of your individuality. It’s completely normal to get some alone time every once in a while to figure your stuff out.

Opposites attract

The opposites attract notion is another pretty dated belief. There might be some truth to it though:

For a long time, people believed that being too similar meant that you and your partner would clash a lot. It is a belief that many still hold on to today. The truth is that there needs to be compatibility regarding values and personalities for a relationship to work. With some of these variables, it is best to be similar while with others it works better if you are different.

Fighting means your relationship is unhealthy

If anything it is the opposite that is true. Fighting is inevitable, and if you and your partner do not do it, then the chances are that someone is holding on to a lot of hurt and disappointment quietly.

Conflict in a relationship is a good thing. First of all, it shows that both of you care enough about each other to fight for the relationship. It is also a great way to be open about exactly what you want and to find out the same from your partner.

How much sex you have matters

The frequency at which you are intimate with your partner should never be a measure of how great your bond is. It is all about the quality of that time and whether you both took time to make it special for each other.

There are many couples out there being intimate anywhere and anytime they can. Though this seems like the ideal situations, it is not uncommon to find that their bond doesn’t go too far past physical attraction and great chemistry. So be content with your special once or twice a week.

Your partner’s job is to complete/heal/save you

No one canor ever will complete you. That is expecting way too much from someone else.Before you get into a relationship, you need to work on all of your baggage. It is a continuous journey of course, but the important thing is understanding that it is entirely your responsibility.

Bottom line

Take your time to let it all sink, and you will soon realize that you have been living a lie. These myths will affect you whether you just started dating someone new or you have been married for what feels like a thousand years. One truth that rings true with all 7 of these lies is that relationships require hard work and deliberate effort to work. Take that message, and you should be good to go.

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