10 Romantic Gestures That Will Have A Great Impact On Your New Relationship

It takes a lot to make a relationship work.

For the most part, we tend to focus on grand romantic gestures such as sending a bouquet of roses when we need to apologize. Or you could channel your inner romantic and set up a surprise dinner date to appreciate your man.

These extravagant acts of love are without a doubt essential to keep a relationship.

However, it is the small and seemingly inconsequential gestures that make all the difference in the long run.

So, here is 10 nice romantic gestures that can help you improve your relationship.

1. Give genuine compliments

I’m not talking about your run off the mill ‘I like your haircut’ or ‘that dress is sexy’ compliments. It is always nice to get compliments in a relationhsip, but less so if they are generic.

Surprise your beau by noticing and appreciating small details. Like the creases at the corner of her mouth when she smiles. Or the way his eyes change color when the light hits them. It might sound corny, but it will make your partner feel great about themselves.

2. Listen and remember

These are supposed to be the easiest nice gestures but often are the hardest to implement. All you have to do is sit there and pay attention.

How hard can it be?

Really hard, as it turns out. One of the most common problems in relationships is feeling like you are not listened to. So when your loved one has something to say, switch off the T.V, put down your phone and pay attention.

3. Have serious conversations

Another frustrating thing in relationships is when people aren’t open about their feelings. As you practice your listening skills, make sure to also put effort into opening up. Your partner wants to know they are on the same page with you. Talking about where you are in your relationship is simply healthy.

4. Hand-made gifts

Getting grand and expensive gifts is great. Who doesn’t want a diamond bracelet or a designer watch, right? However, handmade gifts can mean a lot more to people. It could be a card with a cheesy poem. You could make them a cute DIY collage. It can be anything you put time and thought into.

If you are in a long distance relationship, then a small LDR gift for your boyfriend will mean a lot.

Disclaimer: this is probably best left for those with a creative bone in them. If you couldn’t draw a straight line to save your life, then no one will blame you for buying the gift.

5. Showing affection

Hugs, kisses, cuddles; these are to a relationship what herbs are to Italian food. They may seem trivial, but they make all the difference. Showing affection makes your partner feel that you are attracted to them. It also keeps things steamy and exciting by building on your shared chemistry.

6. Keep your word

If you make a promise try your best to keep it. It shows that you are reliable and you care about your partner’s feelings. Making empty declarations is frustrating and will slowly destroy the trust you have worked so hard to build.

7. Be attentive to your partner’s relationship needs

Everyone wants something different from a relationship. If you are getting what you want, do not assume that your significant other is also satisfied. Pay attention to their needs and do your best to deliver. That way, both of you mutually enjoy being together.

8. Make an effort to meet friends and family

It is especially the case with long-term relationships. It is fun to stay in your bubble where your lives revolve around each other. However, to make it work you need to make an effort to interact with their family and friends. You should also introduce them to your family and friends. This nice romantic gesture shows your partner that you are serious about the relationship and your interest in them.

9. Show interest in your partner’s interests

There is nothing wrong with having different hobbies and interests in a relationship. Another nice gesture that stems from this fact is showing interest in what they love. Ask questions about it, do some research on your own and if you want, maybe participate in the activity. Whether it is sports, collecting, books or even movie franchise fandom, this simple show of concern will go a long way.

10. Do the dishes; literally and figuratively

Finally, th best romantic gesture that you can do is show your beau you love them by lending them a hand. It could be washing the dishes, picking up after yourself, running some errands or whatever else they need help with.

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