3 Things To Know About Online Dating Flirting

Flirting when dating online is a lost art that a lot of singles can overlook. Fortunately for noobs, some of the rules that apply offline also apply to the online world.

Here are three things seasoned online daters know about flirting:

They keep it fun

People who have been online dating on sites like AmoLatina and others for a while know that you don’t want to get too serious too early.

Try by starting with questions that can lead to a more enjoyable and interesting discussion. Try more curious questions such as ‘what is in the boot of your car’ instead of the boring old ‘what do you do for a living.’

They know how to establish rapport

Establishing rapport online is easy when you think about what actually works offline. If people tend to talk a lot, chances are they will write a lot too and would not expect short one-line answers as a rule.

Try and gauge if your potential matches like to be serious or kid around, whether they like to flirt or rather talk about something substantial, etc.

The best approach is to keep it simple and spend the time reading what their profile says, especially early on in the relationship to show you are really reading what they type in.

They ask flirting questions

Open-ended questions are so much more effective than closed ones.

Questions such as ‘what do you do for fun?’ will almost always get a positive response.

Try ‘how do you show someone you are interested?’ to help things along.

One thing to remember here: always try and avoid ‘why’ type questions as singles can feel like they have to justify themselves, and the conversation can start spiraling downwards.

Ice breaking questions starting with how, what and where are generally better as they tend to create a positive flow of the conversation.

Remember to keep things light-hearted in the beginning as people only want to talk to other people who give them a good feeling.

That way, when you next talk to them they will be attracted to you.

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