Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new chapter

Getting into a new relationship is super exciting. All the yummy warm fuzzies come with requited love. You have so much to look forward to in this new partnership. However, a false start could cost you all of it. To avoid having your love plane crash before it even takes off, here are six relationship no-no’s to avoid.

Do not make promises you can’t keep

While you are high on oxytocin, endorphins and other love hormones, you feel like anything is possible. You promise to take your beau to Paris, to build a house, buy them a car or even to love them forever. No one is saying that any of these are impossible.

However, you can never really be too sure that early what you will or won’t be able to provide. So focus on making your partner happy now and cross all those other bridges when you get there.

Do not ignore any red flags

It is very easy to pick clues of future troubles when a relationship is beginning. It could be a weird action that gave you the chills but that you thought you could change. Or maybe it is an offhand comment that points to deeper issues that you will have to deal with later. Keep your heart-shaped eyes open for this, and you should spare yourself a lot of hurt and disappointment down the line.

Do not let good sex blind you

It might be the most mind-blowing experience you have ever had. However, good sex does not equal a good relationship. Do not be too caught up in the chemistry and physical attraction that you forget to look into compatibility and other bonds that matter.

Do not ignore advice and input from outsiders

Sometimes, the people around us see that which, in our love-fueled crazes, we cannot see for ourselves. If a trusted friend or family member mentions something they are concerned about do not be too quick to write it off as meddling. They care about you and would like to see the best for you. So at the very least consider what they are saying then make an informed analysis of your own.

Do not get into a new relationship if you aren’t over an old one

If you still have an old flame you are holding on to them do not start a new one or you will get burnt. It is very likely that if you do not do this, you will end up carrying your baggage and toxicity to the new and innocent relationship. That will have you doomed from the very beginning.

Do not use relationships as a distraction

Another person’s heart should never be a toy to distract you from whatever is going on in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you just lost your job or a loved one. Using relationships as escapes means that you do not give the best of yourself and this significantly reduces the chances of things working out.

Smooth sailing

If you start things off on the right foot, then you should have a great relationship to look forward to. It is not a guarantee that you will have absolutely no problems. It will, however, lay a strong enough foundation for you and your partner to be able to face anything as a team.

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