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99 Depressing Quotes For The Brocken-Hearted

 What is depression guys? 

If you have been through depression you should think about this for a while and answer. Basically, depression is nothing but a side effect of something you are afraid of happening in your life or happened in your life because either you can’t do anything about it or the circumstances are like that that are not letting it the way you want it to be and just see it worsening further.

If you have been through it or are going through, it may have caused due to number of reasons: a breakup, major medical illness, physical or mental abuse, drugs, alcoholism, conflict from family or close friends, death of any loved family member or a close friend, ect.

It has a great influence on a person’s mind which deviates it from doing daily activities and shapes his/her behavior, feelings, thoughts in a negative way and wildly impacts a person’s total well-being which ultimately result in several health problems including insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, uncleanliness, loss of concentration, energy reducement, digestive problems and more. Further, apart from physical health problems it fills the human mind with a sense of guilt, hopelessness and helplessness and IT IS NORMAL.

As we are still alive, we have to ACCEPT and cop up with these situations in our life now or later. It is completely normal for life to turned up like that and give us some serious lessons. What we can do is have the courage and face it. This will increase your self respect and make you a better person in the end. As they say, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. Keep faith in yourself and let it pass. Once you have gone through it you will realize it’s worth and how it made you a mature person. As you keep moving on, you’ll find yourself exploring, traveling, watching movies and enjoying the life.

Now as we have realized it’s value, we got here some very deep and mystical depressing quotes about life, heart breaks and more which you can totally relate to.

Read Depressing quotes below:

99 Depressing Quotes and Wisdom Words

“People think depression is sadness. People think depression is crying. People think depression is dressing in black. But people are wrong. Depression is the constant feeling of being numb. Being numb to emotions, being numb to life. You wake up in the morning just to go back to bed again.”

“I miss me. The old me, the happy me, the bright me, the smiling me, the laughing me, the gone me.”

“Smiling has always been easier than explaining why you’re sad”

“You knew exactly what you were doing, that’s what hurts the most”

“Maybe it’s a little depressing to think that my vision of a perfect world is actually so messed up, but I think it means that I don’t really understand what ‘perfect’ is.”

“But I didn’t understand then. That I could hurt somebody so badly she would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair.”
― Haruki Murakami

Depression is like a bruise that never goes away. A bruise in your mind. You just got to be careful not to touch it where it hurts. It’s always there though.”

“Sometimes you gotta pretend everything’s okay.”

“I need a break from the loneliness that is totally consuming me”

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increase the burden. It is easier to say, “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken”

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

“There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live. Why do you want to live? What’s the point? What inspires you? What do you love about the future? If the future does not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, I find that incredibly depressing”

Elon Musk

“Y’all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.”

John GreeN

“At some point you have to realize, he can stay in your heart but not in your life.”

“Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. It’s the fear of failure, but no urge to be productive. It’s wanting friends, but hate socializing. It’s wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely. It’s feeling everything at once then feeling paralyzingly numb.”

“Death seems more inviting than life”

“As you get older you realise that nothing lasts forever. It’s not depressing, but it does make moments more intense.”

Victoria Legrand

“From the moment we are born, we begin to die.”

“People cry not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

“People cry not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

“You Look Happy, but You don’t feel happy. That’s what depression does to you”

“I forgive a lot, but I never forget what’s said and done”

“You can either look at things in a brutal, truthful way that’s depressing, or you can screw around and have fun.”

David Spade

“Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We both know that’s bullshit; it comes from people who have nothing comforting or original to say.”

“No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I feel.”

“I wanted to write down exactly what I felt but somehow the paper stayed empty and I could not have described it any better.”

“I sleep to escape from reality”

“Oh God, to think that you only fall in love once in your entire life is such a depressing thought.”

Olivia Wilde

“…whether the people are happy or not in their lives, they have learned to keep steadily moving, moving all the time.”

Chang Rae Lee, A Gesture Life

“Dear Past, stop tapping me on the shoulders, I don’t want to look back.”

“What people never understand is that depression isn’t about the outside; it’s about the inside.”

I smile all the time so that nobody knows”

“I married a man who was jealous about everything. If I got enthusiastic about a book, about a flower, about a place, about a human being – jealous. ‘Don’t do it! Stop.’ It was depressing, and I couldn’t take it.”

Betty Parsons

“I can’t think of anything more disheartening than living a life without a clear purpose.”

Daniel Willey

“You’re scared to tell people how much it hurts, so you keep it all to yourself.”

“When depression takes over and I can’t push through it, I have to close my door and shut the world out. It’s the only way I know how to survive.”

“When depression takes over and I can’t push through it, I have to close my door and shut the world out. It’s the only way I know how to survive.”

“I carry the seeds of death within me and plant them wherever I linger long enough to love.” 

Orson Scott Car

“The only thing standing between me and total happiness is a reality.”

“When you’re depressed you don’t control your thoughts, your thoughts control you. I wish people would understand this.”

“Sleep just isn’t sleep anymore, it’s an escape.”

“The only thing worse then being hated is being ignored…”

“I no longer pursue happiness, for it alludes me in every occasion. It is as if I’m trying to find something that is invisible, and sometimes I can’t help to wonder if I’m the only one who it is oblivious to”

Dave Guerrero

“Some of the most painful scars: the ones that hurt the most are the scars that can’t be seen.”

“Instead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who create them.”

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall the misery in time we were happy”

“There’s a lot of beauty to be found in sadness and melancholia. One of the things that you find time and time again – not just with music, but with literature – is that things that appear to be quite depressing on the surface can ironically be very uplifting and touching to other people. When you hear something that really reminds you that you’re not alone in feeling sad, depressed, melancholic, angry – I think that can actually be a very cathartic experience.”

Steven Wilson

Every time people ask me if I’m okay, it’s just a reminder that I’m not.

“No matter how bad things are right now. No matter how stuck you feel. No matter how many days you’ve spent crying and wishing things were different. No matter how hopeless and depressed you feel. I promise you that you won’t feel this way forever. Keep going.”

“Deep inside where nothing’s fine, I’ve lost my mind”

“My mind twirls with mysteries. The eternities. Life. Death. I can’t stop it. It’s like staring in the mirror for too long or saying your name too many times and becoming disconnected from any sense of yourself. I begin to wonder if I’m even still alive; if I exist.” 

― Jeff Zentner, Goodbye Days

“No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I feel.”

“My moods don’t just swing-they bounce, pivot, recoil, rebound, oscillate, fluctuate and occasionally pirouette.”

“I just wanna feel okay again”

“I’ll do that tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and it’s still today. Tomorrow is a relative term”

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

“It feels like everyone else is moving on with their lives while I am stuck here, in this hole that I can’t climb out of.”

“I think I’m afraid to be happy because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens”

“Crediting someone for your unhappiness is
about not taking responsibility yourself.”

“It sucks, doesn’t it? Feeling like you’re not good enough.”

“There comes a point where you no longer care if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or not. You’re just sick of the tunnel.”

” Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream inside of your head” 

“I didn’t think even eternity would be long enough to fix me.”

“Lost myself trying to please everyone, now I’m losing everyone else trying to find myself.”

“Alone in my bedroom, I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d truly laughed.”

“I keep a lot of shit to myself because, in reality, nobody really gives a”

“Dear Past, stop tapping me on the shoulders, I don’t wanna look back”

“To evade insanity and depression, we unconsciously limit the number of people toward whom we are sincerely sympathetic.”

“You have no idea how worthless you made me feel.”

“It is a crushing moment when you realize that your life has either been a series of huge mistakes, or worse; it hasn’t.”

“Sometimes all you can do is smile. Move on with your day, hold back the tears and pretend you’re okay.”

“You don’t understand depression until you can’t stand your own presence in an empty room.”

“I wanted to talk about it. Damn it. I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell. I wanted to shout about it. But all I could was whisper “I’m fine.”

“Posterity will never hear of you. You will be lifted clean out from the stream of history. We shall turn you into gas and pour you into the stratosphere. Nothing will remain of you; not a name in a register, not a memory in a living brain. You will be annihilated in the past as well as in the future. You will never have existed.”

“Maybe I’m just not meant to live a happy life. Maybe pain is all I’ll ever know.”

“You smile, but you wanna cry. You talk, but you wanna be quiet. You pretend like you’re happy but you aren’t.”

“Life isn’t worth living unless you are young and surrounded by other young people in a beautiful cold garden perfumed by dirt and flowers and fallen leaves, gleaming in the string of lights, listening to the quiet city on the last fine night of the year.”

“The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough.”

“My body and heart weren’t made for this. I’m tired of being tired and I’m tired of being sad.”

“Please forgive me if I don’t talk much at times. It’s loud enough in my head.”

“Every thought is a battle. Every breath is a war, and I don’t think I’m winning anymore.”

“It’s really sad how one day I seem to have everything going right, then the next day I lose everything so fast.”

“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.”

“Being alone with your feelings is the worst because you have nowhere to run.”

“Depression is melancholy minus its charms.”

“I thought by masking the depression with silence, the feelings might disappear.”

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

“Anyone who has actually been that sad can tell you that there’s nothing beautiful or literary or mysterious about depression.”

“Some say I’m too sensitive but the truth is I just feel so much. Every word, every action, and every energy goes straight to my heart.”

“Just because her eyes don’t tear doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t cry. And just because she comes off strong doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.”

“I feel so disconnected from the world, and I feel like no one even notices me or cares about me anymore.”

“What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter – a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.”

Henri Matisse

“Somehow, like so many people who get depressed, we felt our depressions were more complicated and existentially based than they actually were.”

“Every so often, we all gaze into the abyss. It’s a depressing fact of life that eventually the clock expires; eventually the sand in the hourglass runs out. It’s the leaving behind of everything that matters to us that hurts the most.”

Ben Shapiro

“Anger, resentment and jealousy doen’t change the heart of others-it only changes yours.”

“People always say when they meet me that I’m not what they expect. I assume they think I’m this super dark and depressing guy, but I like to channel all of those emotions into my work.”

“You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be happy with myself. I worry that if I can’t be happy with myself, then nobody will ever be happy with me”

“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, with a mind that tries to die.”

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