Dating Different Partners Before Getting Married Is So Important

A lot of quality research has been conducted into the topic of what makes a romantic relationship solid and long-lasting.

Most of the findings conclude that dating different people before getting married to the one is the one key factor. Let’s take a look at why experts say it is so vital to a happy marriage and what other aspects you need to be mindful of.

The Growth Factor

Every person brings something new to a relationship. Therefore, every relationship, be it romantic or platonic, teaches you something valuable. It allows you to learn from your own mistakes, the mistakes that you should avoid when starting a new relationship.

Over time, it makes you a better person to be in a relationship with. People who dated a lot before they got married say that patience and how to compromise are the most important things they learned.

Understanding What You Need

If you are anything like the rest of us, you are not born with an understanding of what you look for in a person. That’s where another useful aspect of dating different partners before you get married to one comes in – the experience helps you realize what exactly you are after.

Through dating, you grow more and more conscious of what are the things you absolutely can’t live without.

…And What You Definitely Do Not Need

Dating several people before you get married is also helpful in determining what it is you don’t want in your life. You will develop an understanding of what you can’t put up with.

It can be simple things like cursing too much, being a little too lazy, or something more serious like signs of a controlling behavior or the constant pushing of boundaries.

It is vital to be able to detect if a person sits right with you and if you are comfortable with how they treat you.

Not Looking for Someone Perfect

This is an important lesson we all should learn if we want to ever be in a healthy, lasting relationship. When you date several people, you realize that there are a lot of wonderful potential matches with a lot to offer, but none of them are perfect. You will no longer be looking for the “mythical one” after you realize that they simply don’t exist. This will also give you an understanding that you aren’t and don’t have to be perfect either.

Relationships are all about growth. You either grow together or grow apart or maybe its just a phase.

Figuring Out If You Are Ready

Saying the vows and merely being in a relationship are two completely different things. Just how sure are you that you are ready to tie the knot? Dating several people helps you answer this question.

Perhaps you have some life goals you want to achieve before marriage. A lot of folks want to make sure they have acquired a good education, have a stable job and some savings in the bank. The dating period can be a valuable time for evaluating if you have all necessary things in order.

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