best party cities for single men

7 Best Party Cities in Europe For Single Men

Europe never disappoints if you are a thrill-seeking traveler. From beautiful natural landscapes like Eisriesenwelt to humanmade wonders like the Eiffel Tower, there is just so much to see and do.

What’s even more exciting, though, is the nightlife and party scene in Europe! There is all sort of awesomeness whether it is the never-ending supply of hip clubs or the internationally acclaimed music festivals.

Here are eight cities to visit if you are looking for this kind of fun.

London, England

nightlife in london

If you are a single traveler, then London is a city you are absolutely going to love. This city provides a wide range of options in terms of entertainments especially nightclubs. The city is full of singles looking for some fun. From serious dates to hookups and also party girl escorts, London offers many options for single men looking to have fun!

Barcelona, Spain

Spain gave party lovers the gift of Ibiza, but it didn’t stop there; they gave Barcelona too. Some veteran partygoers say that Barcelona is better than Ibiza. Controversial beliefs aside, this is an amazing city if you want to get the best of Europe’s night scene. The clubs, in particular, stand out with their perfect combination of excellent music, great vibes, and amazing regional cocktails.

Budapest, Hungary

For the most part, Budapest passes as a pretty chilled and laid-back city. You get to take in the marvelous gothic architecture during the day, have some of that world-famous Hungarian cuisine, and then go straight to bed. It is a pretty typical itinerary for tourists in the city.

However, when summer arrives, Budapest becomes one of the liveliest party cities in Europe. Epic pool parties hosted in hotels or thermal baths are particularly legendary.

Ibiza, Spain

ibiza party

It is without a doubt, the single most famous party destination not only in Europe but in the world. The entire island is built for parties and designed to cater to the partygoers’ needs. It is home to some of the most amazing clubs and outdoor music amphitheaters in the region. And there is never a shortage of awesome DJs and live acts to keep the party going.

Mykonos, Greece

This breathtakingly beautiful island is host to some of the wildest summer parties in all of Europe. Here, the party doesn’t stop whether it is noon or midnight. The drinks keep flowing, and the music keeps thumping. And when you get tired of all the partying, the island offers a variety of quiet retreats where you get to escape and recharge.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a great city if you love cheap thrills. There are many clubs, parties, and festivals going on all through the year. Electronic party music, in particular, is popular with the city regularly hosting some of the world’s most popular DJs. So whether it is house, trance or techno, Berlin never disappoints.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is referred to by many as the ‘party capital’ of Europe. It probably has something if not everything to do with the lax drug laws, the incredibly affordable alcohol and the beautiful single Czech women. There is also an abundance of night clubs which ensures that the night scene is just as lively if not livelier than the daytime scene. That should make things easy if you are looking to date Czech girls, this guide will give you plenty of info to successfully seduce Czechs.

Boom, Belgium

Boom is technically not a city, but it very much deserves a spot on this list. Just look at the name; doesn’t it alone put you in a mood to party? Then there is the fun little fact that this small previously unassuming town in Belgium is the home of the legendary Tomorrowland music festival. Enough said.

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