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Welcome to my dating blog!


I’m Ken from Malta, and I started Kenny Love in 2020. I was happily married for ten years when my whole world collapsed after my wife, and I divorced in 2015. It was really challenging to get back on track and start dating again after being in a serious relationship for so long. But thanks to my family and friends who supported me, I got my s**t together, and I started to enjoy life as a single man again (yeah!).

In five years, I have had the chance to try many local dating sites. I also traveled a lot to South America, Asia, and Europe, where I met very lovely and gorgeous women. Then the Covid-19 situation happened in 2020, and I got so bored being stuck at home that I came up with this blog idea. Here I want to share my experience, hoping that I could help other men find casual dates, happy relationships, or even true love.

I wish you happy reading!


kenny from kenny love

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